Men were particularly known as the supreme gender in the human society. As the population belonging to the supreme gender, men are expected to have special responsibilities as well as advantages with regards the activities that they are able to do. Men were expected to have responsibilities of providing for those that belong to them. This includes their families and other people that are living around them. On the other hand, they benefit form the authority that is given to them. The power to control others, especially women has naturally given them pride when it comes to the thought of being able to rule over several sectors of the human society.

Through the pages of the human history, men of different races and different ages have primarily been able to change the ways by which humans perceive their purpose in living. Indeed, men have naturally drawn the different demarcation lines of limitations and possibilities that identify each human individual’s capability of living. Most likely, the powerful sense of being of the appearance of man has naturally affected the characteristic and the attitude that he perceives upon others. Within the paragraphs that follow, the different roles of men within the American society shall be outlined in clarity to be able to assist in the understanding of what actually is the important part that men plays in the advancement of the human civilization towards progress.

Men as Key Agents of Family Strength

The family is one of the basic units of social relationship within the human generations. It could be observed that men are appointed as head of the family. As head of the family, a man has the responsibility of providing the guidance that the members of the family need to be able to get through with the challenges of life. Aside from this, men also stand as the basic source of spiritual and intellectual aspects of life when it comes to taking care of the younger generations of the family. Not to mention, men are also viewed as the major providers of the needs of the family in terms of finances, shelter, food and clothing.

From this particular point of view, it could be observed that men are indeed given high regards by the human society especially in terms of the role that they play in the family. At some point, they work as complimentary personnel to the fulfillment of the dream of their wives and their children. They are the primary source of strength for their family members and from them comes the most valuable advises of life that would naturally help the members of the family get along with the ups and downs of living in a more eased and controlled procedure.

Certainly, men are given the chance to handle the most complicated responsibilities within the family arrangements. The challenges are really not that easy to face. However, with the strong conviction and determination of men to succeed in this particular responsibility shall give them the reputation that they need to be able to earn for themselves the respect that they are due. Their identification of themselves and as the major source of guidance for others shall help them understand the truth that they are made and are appointed to perform certain complicated yet important roles in the human society.

Men as Agents of Social Progress

The mental ability of men in becoming strongly convicted in whatever they believe in particularly sets the line by which they are able to continuously proceed in attaining what they want to attain. This is primarily the reason why there are larger number of men who were able to produce worthwhile inventions that are now of good use in the society.

The different technological innovations that were pursued through the history of the human civilization have been particularly assisted by men who were brave enough to risk their time and efforts, as well as their finances in creating something new and innovative for the sake of social progress. Men have also assisted women in realizing their potentials in creating change in the human society. The motivation that they imply upon those who are living around them is indeed infectious and results to more productive aspects of human living.

Truly, men have been a source of inspiration and the main idea of social progress within the human community. This has resulted to a more positive response to the male gender of the population. However, meeting the roles that the men play in the society is not that easy to take and face especially when there are different challenges to the said roles. Particularly, the challenges make it harder for them to attain the best possible results from the acts that and decisions that they make everyday.

Liberalization of Women and the Role of Men as Social Equalizers

Sadly, not all men are able to meet the challenges of their roles. Instead, when they fail, they are implying much chaos within the human relationship and the ways by which women and children view life as a whole. The impact that they make in the lives of the said sector of the human population indeed makes a great difference on how they particularly deal with the challenges that they themselves deal with everyday. As a result, there came the different movements that were established by women to help men remember their roles in the society. The liberalization of women has actually created difference in the role that men particularly play within the progress of the human civilization.

As for now, women are already able to take the place of men in terms of authority over people within certain human organizations, and they are also capable of taking care of their family members alone as individual parents especially when men fail to do their responsibilities to the family. Hence, the changes in the role of men certainly are heightened in terms of power and the stiffness of the decisions that they make in creating possibilities to motivate others as they are expected. Most likely, the pressure on men who are aiming to reach the best possible ways of attaining and completing their roles in the society is heightened as well.


Men are indeed an epitome of humans who are able to stick to whatever they decide upon. They are known to have a strong conviction when they totally believe on a certain idea. These characteristics of men have led them to becoming the primary foundations of human developments through the history of humankind. Their determination to make a change certainly helped them in assisting the entire human community in aiming for further progress in living.

However, because of the pressures given upon them, their capabilities of meeting their roles have been challenged particularly because of their own shortcomings. As a result the liberalization of women has naturally challenged the ways by which men try to achieve the roles that they are supposed to meet for the sake of social equality. This particularly means that the gender differences have been set in a more distanced situation, whereas the men are being strongly questioned with the way they complete their responsibilities to the human community.


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