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Article Critique

What is Article Critique

When a student gets an article critique assignment, they often wonder what aspects of the research article they are expected to evaluate.

Others presume that a critique is merely a summary of the article accompanied by negative comments about the limitations of the subject paper.

Partly, these perspectives form a section of the article critique writing but highly a shallow representation of the expectations of the assignment.

Article critique is an objective analysis of the article in question and includes a personal observation that is backed with strong academic evidence. While a summary gives an overview of what the piece of work is about, the intention is to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the article.

It is argumentative because the writer engages in a responsive conversation with the work focusing on the subject and delivery.

Process of Article Critique

The writer of an article critique essay performs three responsibilities that constitute the goals of the assignment:

  • Identify
  • Evaluate
  • Respond

In every critique of an article, you have to identify and illuminate the main idea or argument that the author (s) communicates to the audience. It forms the introductory segment of the essay. By giving the main idea, it reflects that you indeed critical read and understand what you are critiquing and that you are aware of what the author conveys to the readers. Alongside the primary argument, the article critique writer identifies the background and purpose of the work they are evaluating. This answers the question: What is the significance of the work? Or why did the author write it? In the next section (the body), article critique involves evaluation. At this point, the essay writer explores how convincing the arguments of the work are. It also includes analyzing the applicability of the piece, and its main assumptions. Get an outline of the same from What is an article critique? Besides, the student is expected to compare the article with the existing theory or research that relates it. The third part involves the response and assessment of the whole work. It is the most personal part of the essay and the body segment. The student engages the issues underlined while offering own perspective in a coherent and insightful argument (s).  It is also an opportunity to put forward the issues that the article author has avoided.


The main reason for article critiquing is not feebly to understand the piece of work but to broadly understand their discipline of study. In future, you may be expected to contribute to the discipline. Therefore, article critique writing is a critical development of the required analytical skills into the current body of knowledge. It offers the student a chance to engage experts in their field.


What is Movie Review

When a movie review is mentioned many people think about the social media and review website comments and ratings that film viewers leave behind after watching a particular movie or documentary. Sounds about right but writing a movie review for academic reasons goes deeper and involves in-depth research on the filmmaker, the movie and the historical context it was made to find background information. Watching the movie and re-watching it is a necessity and so is critical analysis. The organization of the essay is extremely important as well.

Purpose of Movie Review

The intention of writing a review of a film is to inform the reader about the movie and the ideas it conveys. Reporting helps the reader make a decision whether to watch it or not. When a student is given such an assignment, irrespective of whether the professor gave the titles or not of the documentary or regular film to review, the student must assume that the professor has not watched it and offer a combination of an objective analysis and their opinion on the elements of the cinematography work.

Elements of Movie Review

The author’s organization has to follow a well-structured flow that does not leave behind any part that is required. A movie review must have the following elements: Introduction It includes the title of the film, release date and background information about the film and the filmmaker. It sets out to offer the context of the movie and helps the reader understand what the review is about.

Summary of the story The film is a large body of creative work. The author is required to compress the entire cinematography work into a short summary. It gives the reader a look into what they would expect to see if they choose to view the film. The assumption is that the professor or any of the reader has not watched it. Therefore, the summary should offer a conclusive report without spoiling the audience’s need to see the audio-visual composition.

Analysis of the plot elements The summary is not enough to help the reader get a glimpse of the action. The author needs to critically analyze the growing conflict, the climax and how the conflict is resolved. How does the movie end? The intention is to give an objective observation of whether the filmmaker succeeded or failed in their storytelling.

Analysis of the creative elements Filmmakers rely on creative elements such as costumes, color, sound effects, visual effects, makeup, lighting and camera movements to reinforce the story told through the motion pictures. For instance, color purposively conveys the mood of the film. Costumes reinforce the intent or betray it. On the other hand, sound effects enrich the viewer’s experience and understanding or spoil it if they are poor. Actors The author must analyze how realistic the casting of the film is portrayed. How skilled the actors are determines how the meaning of the story comes out to the viewers. Did the actors fit the roles they were given?

Your opinion (supported by examples and factual illustrations drawn from the film/story)

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