Legal Research and Writing

Answer both questions and where appropriate, support your answers with case Iaw
Question 1: Explain and elaborate on the various courts that make up the Supreme Court and the State Court?

Legal Research and Writing

Question 2 What are the Primary and Secondary sources of Law?

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Legal Research and Writing
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This assignment asks you to read an informational text, the introduction from the Thomsen’s Mapping World
Literature (a pdf posted on eLearn under the Week Content Module), and then compose written answers and
responses to two types of questions: 1) questions that require “absolutely correct” answers, and 2) questions that
instead require clear, well-explained responses (effectively supported opinions, in other words).
This assignment gives you the opportunity to demonstrate how well you can read—and write in response to—an informational text in different ways.
This assignment
x is worth up to 20 points
x is due in the Homework Thomsen Mapping World Lit dropbox on eLearn by 11:59pm on Sun, Sep 2
x must be an MLA-formatted Word document (google: OWL MLA for help and examples)
x necessitates a title (every written assignment needs a title)
x involves constructing well-developed paragraph responses per question
x requires that you show that you understood what you read through effective uses of personal experiences, detailed examples, and clear explanations
x allows you to show your effective communication abilities
x MUST be your own ideas (if you plagiarize, you will receive a zero without a chance to redo it)
1) What does Thomsen say about “globalization” in the first paragraph? Do you agree with her? Explain why or why not.
2) According to Thomsen, when was the term “world literature” first introduced? Who introduced it? How have the many recent changes in media technology made the concept of “world literature” more important now than it was in the past? Explain.
3) Why do you think Thomsen states that, “the concept of world literature is notoriously difficult to define”?
List and explain at least five reasons why you think defining the term “world literature” is such a challenge.
4) Complete the following quote from Thomsen: “However, the important thing is that, no matter which definition one prefers, the literature of the world will always be __________.” Explain what you think Thomsen means by this.
5) Based on your understanding of Thomsen’s overall point(s), what are at least three ways that you think we can explore “world literature” in this class that will help us all reach a deeper understanding of it? In other words, what are at least three ways that you think we can study “world literature” in this class so that we can actually get something out of it without becoming bored or disengaged?

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