Top Tips How To Write Last Minute Essays

Writing your essays on time when working a part-time job can be such a challenge. You often procrastinate and only start researching and writing your essay a few hours before the deadline.

Writing an essay last minute can give you the chills since late delivery could impact your performance. Whenever you realize your paper’s deadline is fast approaching do not panic. You can still manage to write your paper last minute without risking your GPA. Here is how to write last minute essays:

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Top Tips How To Write Last Minute Essays
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Step By Step Guide on Writing An Essay Last Minute

Writing an essay last minute requires a guided process to ensure you utilize every second you  craft quality content. Here is a step-by-step guide to writing last minute essays:

Tips for writing last minute essays

Stop Panicking

Whenever the deadline approaches and you have not started writing your paper, you are filled with guilt, anger, and self-loathe. You may spend time wishing you had started writing the paper earlier. Avoid focusing on negative thoughts, as they only obstruct your concentration.

When your paper is approaching the deadline, the first step is to stop panicking and actively work on meeting your instructor’s requirements. Creating a positive mindset helps you to focus on your work and complete the paper before the deadline.

Stay Away from Distractions

It is very easy to get distracted when working on a paper with a tight deadline. For example, when writing your last weekend essay, avoid checking your phone as you end up wasting a lot of time. Choose to switch off your phone or turn on airplane mode to avoid any calls or notifications.

Writing a last day essay requires undivided attention based on the fact that you have limited time. Avoid anything that could lead you to waste time including your friends. If your friends may visit and distract you from the writing process, visit the library and do not inform them of your location.

Commit To a Topic

When writing an essay last minute, you are highly likely to doubt yourself and have a slow decision-making process. Read all the paper’s instructions, research, and select a fascinating topic.

Once you settle on a given topic, stick by it. Second-guessing yourself will only waste time. In most cases, the first topic that you settle for is the best option.

Work On the Outline

If you are confused about whether to create an outline when writing your last-minute essay, the answer is yes. Although you are on a strict timeline, creating a structure for your paper is worth it.

Crafting an outline helps you save time as it ensures you maintain a logical flow and meet all the paper requirements. If you are writing a research paper, make sure the paper includes the following section.

  • Title: This includes your topic, giving the readers an idea of what to expect in your paper
  • Abstract: It presents a summary of your paper in a paragraph. Keep your abstract as brief as possible.
  • Introduction: This section explains the topic in detail and the research conducted. It also includes the paper’s thesis statement.
  • Methodology: It highlights the research methods used in the paper, such as observation, questionnaires, and interviews.
  • Results: This states the outcomes of the research and backs it with facts and statistics. Make sure all your findings are well organized for readers to understand.
  • Conclusion: It reinstates the thesis statement while also summarizing the findings of your research. Anyone reading your conclusion should understand what your research was about and its findings.
  • References and Citations: Here is where you cite all the journals, books, and articles utilized in the research

Upon establishing the sections in your paper, note down all the points you will include under each section. This will make it easy for you to write down your points and create flow in your essay.

Set Mini-Deadlines

You need to create mini-deadlines to avoid burnout when writing your paper. For example, aim to complete writing the abstract in the next twenty minutes, the introduction in the next thirty minutes, and so on. These mini-deadlines ensure you focus on the writing and avoid distractions. Tackling the essay in parts keeps you fresh through the entire process.

Set a Timer

Setting a timer ensures you meet the mini-deadlines you set for yourself. You are working on a tight deadline and must meet the mini-deadlines to complete your paper on time.

If you aim to complete your introduction in thirty minutes, set your timer to thirty minutes. Once you complete the section in our allocated time, go through it fast to ensure it has flow without bothering to make grammar corrections.

Increase Your Typing Speed.

Finishing your essay last minute is impossible if you are a slow typper. You need to increase your typing speed and write your paper within the shortest time possible.

You can increase your typing speed by sitting upright in a good posture. Place your elbows on the table to ensure you are as comfortable as possible to type fast. While typing, only focus on the screen and not your hand movement. This ensures you focus on checking what you are writing and avoiding typos.

Take Short Breaks

Although you are writing your essay last minute, short breaks are helpful. Typing for too long can tire your body and mind slowing your writing. When your mind is clogged, the slow flow of ideas makes it challenging to craft meaningful paragraphs.

Take short breaks to breathe fresh air or relax during the writing process. After the break, you come in with a fresh mind allowing the flow of ideas.

Cite References Alongside

Ensure to cite your references to avoid plagiarism and add credibility to your writing. Do not wait to add the references once you finish writing your paper. Whenever you include a fact, statistic, or information that needs referencing, immediately add your references. This makes sure you do not waste time hunting for references last minute.

Key Points to Note When Doing an Essay Last Minute

When writing an essay last minute, you are working under pressure making it easy to forget some things. Below are key points you should note when doing an essay last minute.


Make sure to check grammar before submitting your work. A paper with good grammar and no typos or syntax errors is easy to read and likely to get a good score. When planning your paper, leave enough time to check and correct any grammatical errors.

You can opt for online tools such as Grammarly to check grammar. The app uses artificial intelligence to select spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, and poor sentence structures. It will save you the time you would have spent manually correcting the errors.


Ensure your paper is 100% authentic before being delivered to your lecturer. You can use different software programs, such as CopyScape or Turnitin, to check for plagiarism in your work. Be sure to complete this step, as even the slightest plagiarism in your paper would affect your grades.

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Crafting an essay last minute can be overwhelming; you need the right strategy to manage time and craft a quality paper. Start by creating an outline for your essay, setting mini-deadlines, and tracking your time. Make sure to take short breaks and avoid any forms of distractions that may slow down your writing process.

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