How to write a great college essay: A step-by-step guide

college Essay Writing Services USKnowing how to write a great college essay is important to achieving quality grades. college essay Writing Services US play an integral role in helping students sharpen their writing skills.

Learners in college and university need college essay writing services to attain their desired grades especially when they have to attend classes while undertaking other activities such as part-time or full-time jobs.

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How to write a great college essay: A step-by-step guide
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Studying at any level is not easy. One has to cope with college essay writing and different homework and still meet appointments related to their jobs. If one is exhausted following a long day of work, the chances are writing and submitting quality essay become slim.

What makes a great college essay?

Finding a reliable college essay writing services in the US is not hard. You need a deeper search to find the essay writers who know their writing essay well. It is vital to find experts who understand How to write a great college essay a wide range of types of essay and can write my paper for me cheap. Essay writing services come in to fill these gaps and assist students at different professional and academic levels to get the highest quality essays. Professional online essay writing services must understand the types of essays, be in a position to provide essay writing examples and an essay outline to help the learner know what to expect. Online there exist experienced expert essay writers who are ready to write your essay at the shortest time possible without necessarily compromising on quality.

Affordable essay writing service providers

writing serviceCollege essay are published periodically by scholar or students who understand the art of writing. Some websites consist of expert writers from different professional fields and furnished with linguistic, research, organizational and essay editing and proofreading skills guaranteeing you the best quality essays. Our team of online essay writers for hire offers the cheapest essay writing service but giving the most quality paper to get the most needed top grade.

College essay prompts

College essay promptsknowing how to write a great college essay helps students to produce papers that not only generate interest in readers and the instructor but also alleviate student’s academic struggles trying to figure out what to write in their assignments. Super confidence is what best essay writing services seek to provide to clients who may have the ability to write their papers but have difficulties owing to multiple tasks they have to perform.

The online essay writing services are usually characteristic of quality research conducted by professionally writers who focus on college essay prompts and other academic levels. Because customer loyalty is dependent on the level of satisfaction, adherence to the student’s guidelines and instructions is a priority to ensure high scores for students who entrust such websites for essay writing help and with the expectation of the best essays.

Through provision of informative essays of any type, attractive headings and compelling content, one can persuade the audience on the quality of material conveyed in the educational assignment. The approach focused on affecting knowledge, therefore, is desirable to both the learner and the audience. Article or essay writing demands more dedication and time, which our experienced writers offer to clients seeking assistance in their assignments. Professional essay writers pay great attention to every single detail because they intend to build client loyalty and trust.

Reliable essay writing service

writing serviceProfessional essay writing service plays a significant role in ensuring that students attain the best grade in their course. Besides, with the help of expert essay writers you can achieve the highest score you deserve. Essay writers for hire provide plagiarism-free papers, well structured essays with top-notch grammar. Through the aid of plagiarism checkers, we ascertain the content is original and uniquely designed to meet the specific guidelines provided by the instructor and the student. When expert writers get to work, the intended outcome is the best essays that satisfy customer needs and demands. Most English essay writers are based in the U.S, Canada, UK, Australia, and South Africa.

College paper writing service

Excellence and competence in homework performance begins with the choice of experts a student makes. Professional essay writers with complete understanding of the concepts, fields and writing tasks assigned produce scholarly essays that meets the high score needs by the students. While some online essay writing service providers venture into the business with the sole aim of profit-making regardless of quality of essays they offer to students, a client-oriented online essay writing platform hires essay writers through a thorough skill and experience testing process to eliminate jokers. Professional essay writing service providers constantly trains its writers to ensure them they stay abreast with scholarly writing trends.

how to title an essayThe primary focus of a serious essay writing service provider is acceptable products that meet the client’s expectations and adherent the academic standards of the educational level of the specific student. The minimum qualification for our essay writers is a Master’s Degree in their field of specialization. The delivery process gives room for the client’s response and incorporates all the demands and instructions by the customer to produce the desired quality essay. As a company providing Essay Writing Services, our expert writers offer services to client ranging from high school to graduate students alongside professional essay-demanding careers.

As a company providing the best essay writing services, there is a focus on language use, the choice of words and effective communication with well-articulated ideas. Through the expert essay writers, Academic writing in English is linear; hence, there is one central theme or point. It is to this theme that every part of the essay contributes to the main argument avoiding repetitions or digressions. The process has one primary objective that is to inform.

Critical analysis of ideas rather than summative assertions helps contribute to concrete research centered essays, which meet the required standards. Other considerations in any composition undertaken are the standard written form of the language whereby we focus on the use of precise and accurate writings, which prove planned and organized. It is only through this way that the firm can meet the expectations of clients looking for services for writing essays, term papers, and research papers.

Through the expertise in essay writing services, the writing process also includes being sensitive to the complexity of the language used in literature. Different scholars have had a common assertion that written word is relatively more complicated in comparison with spoken language. When one writes a text, they are lexical dense compared to the language spoken or the language the same person speaks. The written words as scholars state have proportionately more lexical words that the grammatical words. Written texts contain short words though they have longer and more complex phrases. Writers and authors assume that this aspect of complexity is making essays ambiguous and hard to consume.

While the right terminologies have their place in an article, the use of simple language is vital to ensure that an ordinary person can understand the principle the author puts across. The focus of the company is that most of the essays, though initially for academic purposes, end up being published hence attracting a diverse audience.  Through this projection, the written articles use simple though standard language that readers can appreciate the concept communicated by the essay.

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Cheap reliable academic essay

Most academic writing service providers know that students operate under a tight budget. As a result, they ensure they balance affordability of services with super quality essays. Essay writing services pricing policy should not have any hidden fees or extra charges.

High quality essays from scratch

4 compressorEvery student who hires professional writers considers an assurance of originality in the content provided. Professional essay writing service expert writers are professionally equipped and experienced to write content from scratch.  The essays go through thorough scrutiny and composition to ensure that they are unique and well researched regardless of it being an essay, research paper, a presentation, a speech or a review.

The essay writing service providers ensure they present the client with plagiarism free content through avoiding copy and pasted materials or rewritten essays. Before the client gets the essays or even pays for the service provided, they ensure that the articles show no sign of plagiarism. They achieve this through referencing, in-text citation of knowledge and content borrowed. Another added advantage is that in case a paper shows signs of piracy, the service providers allow the client to return the article and ask for a revised version.

Besides, essay writing service providers help the client save much time in terms of meeting deadlines and effective time management. One quality of an excellent essay writing services is the ability to meet deadlines whether tight or not. Be it a deadline is a few hours away, or days away, writing services ensure that the client gets the essay on time before it is due. This gives the client enough time to go through the composition provided, ascertain whether the content is what he or she wanted, ask for changes and corrections if any, and submit the correct and quality when on time. Every writer has a deadline to work given with penalties imposed if the writer fails to meet the deadline. Such penalties ensure that writers observe time. Some alternative writers can come in once one allocated the work has challenges whosoever hence minimum risks of late submissions.

On the other hand, sourcing for writing services provides the client with an easy way to manage their own time. It is an opportunity for them to concentrate on other projects. Students form a more significant percentage of essays writing services clientele. Such students have numerous projects to work on within a short timeline. Such services, free up some time for them to handle other issues, hence saving them more time.

The third benefit of outsourcing essay writers is the assurance of getting professional writers to work on the project. Essay writing services hire equipped writers with an academic background tailored to a specific subject. Most of them have to show that they have a writing experience on a particular topic before they access a client’s work. Such services ensure that their creative writers have in-depth knowledge on a given topic coupled with the ability to conduct thorough research on the same subject. This ensures that the writer observes chronology, relevance, and logic in writing. Research helps writers provide updated information. Such writers must meet the strict academic standards set by the service providers to ensure quality in work presented. For a writer to work on a particular essay, such a writer must exhibit an understanding of the impact of his or her choice of words in the essay.

Evaluating the reliability of an essay writing service

essay writing tipsHowever, with the rise of frauds in the digital world, it proves hard to trust every essay writing services provider. There exist numerous writing service providers online, some trustworthy, some not. Clients face a challenge of singling one function out of the large and continuously growing number. The question of trust and reliability arises. A client can spot a trustworthy essay writing service in various ways.

While evaluating the best choice, check for one that centers on service-oriented goals. With the rising global economic challenges, high unemployment rate and desperation for survival, people create fake or substandard writing service websites and accounts with the promise to deliver content; nevertheless they end up disappearing with the client’s money without providing the best essay writing service as agreed.

Other essay writers have higher price rates, yet the quality of their work fails to meet the expected quality. Such service providers become money oriented and offer poor service at the expense of the client’s needs and preferences.  However, a significant percentage of essay writing service providers charge less and provide customer or client value by delivering quality work. Before one trusts an essay writing service provider, he or she must ensure the quality of work performed is worth the cost incurred.

Another marker of the trustworthy service provider is one that provides plagiarism free content. Plagiarized content signals a writer who does not take their work seriously, does minimal research and solely depends on copying other people’s work. It also acts as a sign of an unprofessional service provider. Such writers show high chances of unreliability in terms of quality, timeliness and even relevance of work provided. However, a writer worth trusting includes various essay-writing aspects in their work that play a significant role in forming first impressions. They include a referenced work page, correct in-text citation, right formatting of the essay, correct font size, font type, and spacing, minimal grammatical errors or none at all. All these among others indicate that the writer conducted enough research and used their own words in writing the article. Before even reading the content of the composition, the right formatting plays a significant role in creating first impressions.

Before choosing a writer, a client needs to do an evaluation of the service provider’s website and ensure the readability of the content therein. The website acts to weigh a lot in the client’s mind when making a decision. It is essential therefore for a service provider to have an easily accessible website to help the client navigate through the services provided easily. A client ought to consider checking the innovative aspect of essay writers such as allowing clients to ask for drafts before getting the final work to test the writer’s expertise.

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The process of essay writing

7 compressorBefore the start of college essay writing, a genuine service provider should first focus on what he/she wants to write about the client’s demands. The simplest is to outline a proper argument before the start of writing an essay. Structure of an academic essay includes:

  1. An introduction
  2. A thesis statement: The main argument maintained or to be proved.
  3. The body: Discusses the thesis evidence organized in different paragraphs
  4. A conclusion: Summarizes everything together then ties it to the thesis.

A successful expert writer includes at least three solid points that help in supporting the thesis in a college essay. Each idea should be organized into specific paragraphs and well explained to bring out the indented meaning. To write the best essay, expert essay writers put their thoughts in order by taking notes of what is already in mind about the topic on a piece of paper, a process that helps connect the ideas and organize them.

When the writers get into the real act of putting the ideas into words, an introduction starts to give an overview of the essay and the topic. A synopsis of the essay can be given in this paragraph to provide the reader with a sense of what is contained in the body or the thought that is being argued by the paper. Introductions are instrumental in hooking the reader by capturing the attention, which can be done by starting with a definition of some terminologies, making a quote, or interestingly engage with the reader by proposing a question.

The body of research is the most critical part as it contains the most vital content of the college essay. It can be as many paragraphs as possible depending on the amount of information to be conveyed. In this part, the mistake that our writers avoid is writing in an unorganized way that makes the reader understand none of the argument but instead leave him/her in a state of confusion.

Write the available information in an organized and systematic order that the reader can understand. For example, when writing a term paper on historical occurrences, the expert writers organize the points in a chronological order to provide the reader with a flow of events and connect ideas.

Essay writers arm themselves with mastery of grammar, style of writing and punctuation, as these are vital in making each point clear and understandable. Expert college essay writers possess the knowledge of the usage of punctuation marks. For instance, the writer should be mindful of where to use commas and where a semi-colon is needed.

Writing of a research paper needs the writer to understand the argument and analyze it. The college essay writers strive to have the central argument point in mind and avoid going off target to side notes of the research topic as this can make the writing to be imprecise. The essay service provider always questions critically the evidence to include; whether the evidence supports the thesis or not to be able to know whether to add it or not. Everything to be used has a clear connection to the research topic, and the writer’s argument is clear to avoid confusing the reader on the intention of the paper.

Presentation of the college essay is of importance as the argument itself, and it requires the composition to follow a logical structure that will ensure that the article is focused and does not answer a stray question. Expert writers make sure that each paragraph adds value to the argument being made. To achieve this, the service provider considers the amount that a statement adds and how it links to the evidence, and if he/she finds out that it does not connect then most probably, he/she has strayed from the point. The online college essay service writing demands the essay writers to read widely and gain knowledge of the field and topic.

Accompanying quotes to writing helps to expand and back up ideas with fact-based evidence and support argument. However, for a paper to be complete and be free from being accused of plagiarism, it is essential to understand how to cite appropriately any information used from previous work. All natural styles require proper citation of sources as a sign of giving credit to the secondary information source. First, the firm expert writers determine the exact quote that needs to be quoted from the secondary source and relevant to the argument and introduce the source before the quote or write the quote and put the source in brackets at the end of the quote depending on the citation style required. For instance, some people would say that dreams present “profound aspects of personality” (Foulkes 184) while others do believe otherwise.

The expert writers know that the work is to write a paper and not copy-pasting online content or books that belong to others. The Writer possesses a sense of originality and independence. To avoid plagiarism, writers try to paraphrasing the ideas in their own words but not quoting everything on secondary sources. However when paraphrasing they maintain the original meaning of the text and summarize it in other words and different order to provide detailed information.

essay writing servicesAfter writing the well-organized essay, the final task is to conclude. The conclusion contains typically three to four sentences that review the main points but not restating them. The conclusion joins the points raised from the whole argument and brings the college essay to an end. The writers provide his/her feeling and views on the topic and clearly establish his/her stand or even issue a recommendation. In cases of a research paper, they put together all the proof and thesis by outlining the critical evidence to show how they prove or disprove the argument.

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8 Ways to improve your academic essay writing

tips for writing a quality essayA lot of students believe that essay writing is a difficult skill to learn. Whenever the instructor asks them to write a quality academic essay, they panic. However, academic essay writing is an easy to learn for students willing to take the step into reading through the steps outline below.

Develop a debatable and concise thesis statement

Every academic essay writing process begins with coming up with a thesis statement that will be debated through the paper. All research that the student will carry out will be to gather evidence that will support the thesis statement or the main argument. While having the topic can partially guide the research, a thesis statement narrows down the research process to specific sources that provide information (evidence) to back up the thesis.

Create an outline of the essay or essay structure

An outline is a breakdown of what the writer is going to write in the academic college essay. Every academic essay writer should know what they will write before the actual writing. The best way to know and express what you are going to say in an academic essay is by making a basic outline of the essay structure. An essay outline also includes the kind of evidence that will support the ideas in every section.

Components of academic essay structure/outline

  • Introduction
  • Thesis
  • Body of the essay including all paragraphs’ topic sentences, supporting ideas and type of evidence to support the points.
  • Conclusion

The guideline or proposed academic essay structure should include at least three points that directly supports the thesis. These points will form the academic essay body.

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Constantly learn and understand basic grammar, punctuation and writing style

Academic essay writing is a learning process that requires impeccable grammar, punctuation and style to present own ideas to the targeted audience. A student who wishes to earn top grades in academic essays must exhibit fine-tuned understanding of basic grammar including subject-verb agreement, consistent and well-though sentence structures, correct articles usage and proper use of first, second and third-person pronouns.

Appropriate use of commas, colons, semicolons and period ensures that ideas flow throughout the academic essay.

As much as possible, academic essay writing should employ active voice instead of passive voice. Active voice sentences are concise and clear to the audience. Unlike passive voice sentences that are boring and lengthy, active voice makes the tone of the essay strong and captivating to the reader.

Master the right vocabulary

An academic essay writer without a “vocabulary bank” can hardly be a professional essay writing expert. An experienced academic essay writer knows the meaning of every word they choose to include in their paper lest they confuse the reader.

It is difficult to convince or persuade the audience that you are an expert academic essay writer if you cannot make a persuasive argument. Mastery of vocabulary is instrumental in a writer’s persuasiveness. Every theme or topic demands a set of vocabulary appropriate to that topic. Most importantly, knowing the right meaning for every word chosen makes the academic expertly compulsive to the audience.

Avoid wordiness. Academic essay writing requires the college essay writer to be economical with words. One word can carry a meaning that would be expressed in three or five words. Wordiness leads to reader’s boredom, inconclusiveness of ideas and wastage of precious space.

The choice of transition words or clauses is crucial to improving your academic essay writing. Do not use transitions that add no value to the sentence or point. For instance, transition words and clauses such as nevertheless, however, but, nonetheless, on the contrary, on the other hand and while introduces a different point of view from the one expressed in the preceding sentence or paragraph.

Proofreading and editing your academic essay

As we write, it is a common phenomenon that we omit or forget some words and punctuation, use less appropriate words or sentence structure and sometimes make spelling mistakes. The macro and micro errors can be rectified during proofreading and editing the paper.

Remember, no academic essay writer is perfect and the way to improve our essay writing is by rereading our essays, and correcting any erroneous elements we may have included.

Avoid most common essay writing errors

A 2008 study sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of English found out that the most frequent formal errors in essay writing include: wrong word, missing commas, vague pronoun reference, spelling error, unnecessary commas, missing or unnecessary capitalization, missing word, unnecessary or missing apostrophe, and faulty sentence structure. Proofreading and editing academic essay eliminate most of these common errors.

Understand proper citation and referencing

Improper citation in academic college essay writing violates professional writing code of conduct. Failure to attribute other scholar’s or people’s ideas amounts to plagiarism. As a starter kit, students should learn and consult on various citation and referencing styles.

Purdue University provides very comprehensive research and citation resources for students in need of learning various citations and referencing styles including APA, MLA, Chicago and AMA.

Every academic essay writing expert strives to master all the citing styles as various instructors will demand different styles. Free essay writing service is applicable whenever one intends to ascertain the writer’s ability. It is advisable to ask for free college essay sample. There are points to earn in every college essay for proper citation and referencing of sources used to provide evidence supporting the thesis.

Read existing academic essays from reliable online and offline resources

An academic essay writer should be lifetime reader. Reading existing college essay from scholarly resources can offer students assistance in getting ideas on various components of academic essay writing.

The reading resources given by the instructors have examples of academic essays of different kinds that can offer essay writing help to students. Moreover, the internet provides a global resources reserve for various types of academic essays that the college essay writer can read to familiarize with the essay writing process.

Advantages of online essay writing help

Are you asking yourself the question “Who can I pay to write my academic essay paper?” Know that you are not alone. You can enjoy many benefits when you choose to find a professional essay writing service provider online.

  1. Variety of online essay writers

Different online college essay writing professionals have specialized in various types of writing. Some are specialist in thesis writing, admission essay writing, persuasive essay writing, argumentative essays, descriptive essays, narrative essays, expository essays and others specialize in two or more of the types.

It is upon you to choose who writes your essay from a pool of various essay writing service providers.

  1. Cheap essay writing service

There is a lot of competition among various essay writing services providers. The competition offers student a chance to choose the best college essay writers offering the cheapest essay writing service.

However, if you are looking for college essay writing help online, do not choose your essay writer solely based on the prices for their service. There is no need of paying cheaply but getting substandard services. High-quality essays may not come at the cheapest price.

  1. High quality academic essays

academic essaysCollege essay writing services providers build client or customer loyalty and trust based on the quality of services they offer. Due to the existing competition among the essay writing companies or writers, the student can get the highest quality essay from the carefully selected essay writer on the internet.

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  1. Fastest essay writing service

Many essay writing service providers operate around the clock. To ensure return customers after service, the essay writers work hard to provide their essay writing service as fast as possible without compromising on quality.

Furthermore, there are thousands of college essay writers online that spoils students of choices.  In less than five minutes, a student can assign their order to a ready professional essay writer who delivers the paper within the shortest deadline possible.

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