Knowing how to How To Write A Comparative Essay is important for for any student. A compare and contrast essay tries to establish the link that exists between two subjects. By comparing, the writer can find their similarities, and by contrast, one gets the chance to evaluate their differences.

How To Write A Comparative Essay

Choosing the Subject

It applies in instances where a college student is not provided with a topic. Therefore, the first thing to note is that the two subjects should be different but of the same ballpark. For example, when choosing to write about two historical figures, one should choose two politicians rather than one politician and one artist.


The next step is for carrying out extensive research on the two subjects while noting their similarities and their differences. The best way is to research one at a time and then take time to analyze their similarities and differences. The aspects or qualities selected should be parallel to each other.

Decide the organizational structure of the essay

There are different structures a student could utilize for organizing a compare and contrast essay. The first one is deciding to focus on a single subject or object at a time. In such a case, the writer discusses one of them in detail before moving to the other. For instance, if the writing is about comparing men and women, the student may begin by writing all the qualities of men, and then address the qualities of women.

The other strategy is discussing the similarities and differences point by point. The writer may begin by discussing the similarities shared by the subjects and then move to their difference, one point after the other.

Create an outlineĀ 

Creating an organized outline is key if you want to How To Write A Comparative Essay. It would be best to prepare an outline depending on the structure selected. However, regardless of the organization of points, it should include an introduction, the body paragraphs a concluding paragraph.

Include the supporting evidence

The learner should have proof to back up the assertion presented. This evidence can come from personal experience, from what one reads, or research. For every information included in the essay, ensure to explain the reason it matters in the argument.

Proofread and revise

It is essential in writing to can check grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Students could even utilize a grammar check tool to improve their writing. If possible, get a friend to revise your essay since they can spot the mistakes you did not see.

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