This assignment involves Historical analysis of a short story from our list of readings this semester in the context of the historical setting it depicts. This assignment will require that you do research using the PGCC library.

Instructions: Write an essay of at least three complete pages that analyzes the historical context of one short story. You may write about either the historical context of the setting, or the historical context of when it was written. For either, you will be making an argument about how understanding the historical context can help a reader better grasp the story’s meaning.

1. Select a story from our list of readings on the syllabus.
“The Things They Carried”
“The Fat Girl”
“Daddy Garbage”

2. Analyze the story’s stylistic and formal elements. Be sure you have a clear interpretation of the story’s meaning.

3. Analyze either the story’s setting OR the historical moment of when the story was written.
· All research must come from the PGCC library and databases
· Possible research sources: Credo, American History Online, Proquest, General One File

4. You may want to learn about the author and their life/work.
Do some research to find out who the author is or was. What do we know about the author’s life? What do we know about how the author lived, worked, or interacted with the world around him/her? When did they live and what historical events might have impacted him/her?

5. Find 2 or more PGCC Library sources to support your arguments.
The skills you use in the Research Project for EGL 1010 will be the same skills you need for this assignment.

-You must include at least TWO academic sources. These should come from the PGCC databases or library
***General internet sources (Wikipedia, etc.) do NOT count as authoritative, academic sources. You should get written permission before using them.
***Cheat site information and sources will result in an automatic failure of the essay
-All sources must be properly cited and documented using MLA citation format.
-Essays must have a compelling introduction that ends in a specific, focused, and argumentative thesis statement.
-Your thesis must make a compelling argument about you interpretation of the text’s theme/meaning and importance.
-Body paragraphs must follow the TED paragraph structure. Your paragraphs must do more than simply paraphrase the work(s). Paragraphs should use transitional elements to build meaning.
-Essays must include a conclusion the summarizes your argument, restates the thesis, and provides an indication of the overall argument’s importance.


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