Fundamental Human Resource Practices for Fire and EMS Managers

Fundamental Human Resource Practices for Fire and EMS Managers

Research various job marketing websites.

Find a current fire and emergency services position description. This may be a listing from a job service network, online newspaper, or other ad posting. The position description could be for a Firefighter/EMT, Emergency Manager, Battalion Chief, or Fire Chief.

Develop a four to six page paper describing the hiring process you would establish as an emergency services manager based on the position description. Include the following:

  • A summary of the position including applicable knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs)
  • A recruitment component for the hiring process consisting of the following:
  1. Identify your target population for an applicant group based on the position you researched.
  2. How would you recruit candidates from diverse demographic groups?
  3. What resources would you use to advertise this position?
  4. What other considerations would you incorporate to ensure fairness, equity, and openness in the hiring process?
  5. Summarize the position you researched and address the following:

.     Do you agree with the KSAs listed for the position you researched?

  1. What additional KSAs (if any) may need consideration as a prerequisite?
  2. Describe at least 5 different approaches a recruitment officer may use when assessing potential candidates (interview, polygraph, medical evaluation, ect.)

.     Identify a minimum of two approaches you would use as part of the hiring process based on the position you researched and justify your reasoning.

  • A copy of the original position (included as an Appendix consistent with APA guidelines)

Stage 1: Organizational Analysis and Requirements

Before you begin work on this assignment, be sure you have read the Case Study.  Refer to the System Recommendation Report – Table of Contents – below to see where you are in the process of developing this report.
As a professional medical consultant, you have been asked to conduct an analysis, develop a set of system requirements and propose an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system to improve the Midtown Family Clinic’s processes.  This work will be completed in four stages, and each of these four stages will focus on one section of an overall System Recommendation Report to be delivered to the Midtown Family Clinic.
The sections of the System Recommendation Report will be developed and submitted as four staged assignments.  In stages 2, 3 and 4, you will also incorporate any feedback received when the previous stage is graded to improve the effectiveness of your overall report and then add the new section to your report.   At the end of the course, you will submit a complete System Recommendation Report that includes all the sections and changes that resulted from previous feedback.  A key to successful business writing is quality and conciseness rather than quantity.
The sections are described below and the graphic that follows provides the detailed outline and Table of Contents for this report:
Introduction – Provides background and sets the stage for the rest of the document.  To be written and submitted as part of Stage 1.

Section I: Organizational Analysis and Requirements (Stage 1) – The first step is to look at the organization and explain how an EHR system could benefit the Midtown Family Clinic’s processes.
Section II: Data Sharing (Stage 2) – Next you will explain, the types of data that need to be shared with other organizations, and what data interchange standards should be used.
Section III: Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Policy Issues (Stage 3) – Then you will analyze the ethical, legal and regulatory policy issues that impact the EHR solution for the Midtown Family Clinic.
Section IV: System Recommendation (Stage 4) – Finally, you will identify a certified EHR system for the Midtown Family Clinic, and explain what improvements the Clinic can expect, how it meets the requirements, and what needs to be done to implement the system at the Clinic.

Conclusion – Summarizes the document.  To be written and submitted as part of Stage 4.
References – List of references.  A separate page developed as part of Stage 1 with references added (in alphabetical order) as other sections are added to the report.
Begin by creating a title page to include your name, course information and date; followed by a page break.   On a separate page, create the Table of Contents, which you will update as you add the sections of the Report.  Note that each section has its own introduction and summary.



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