The world of business is one of the most complex yet interesting fields that an aspiring professional may dwell into. Business can turn a poor man into a tycoon just by venturing to franchise, invent a new device or work for a million-dollar company. Even though business may sometimes scare other individuals, it is also the very reason why others strive hard to be a part of the fast-moving commerce elites. As mentioned, it makes great impact to a person’s life. Hence, not all who took the risk was able to succeed, if business is not administered in the most effective way—it could cost a person a lifetime in paying debts.

Conceivably, I belong to the group of aspiring individuals who dreams of having a company that will change lives of other people. Even though I am aware of the risks of petitioning myself to the lives of the privileged, I am whole-heartedly stepping forward to pursue my dream. My sole ambition is to serve the public with grace and wit—make ethical decisions and sustain financial stability—but before all that, I know I must be able to hone myself in becoming one. Success does not happen overnight. It requires determination and the right education to build an empire of assets.

My dad is a business man. I grew up knowing that being a businessman means being a leader. It does not necessarily mean that I need to have constituents to lead, but that I need to be decisive. My father always told me that business tycoons who failed in the industry were nothing but greedy individuals who does not know a thing or two in making decisions—the ethical ones. Since then I promised to myself that I will be a leader who knows how to lead well. A person anchored not only with tangible assets but with knowledge. Entering college served as a crossroad for my dreams.

I was torn between engineering and business. Most of my friends in high school encouraged me to enroll with engineering courses. For a while I was dumbfounded with the thought that neither of my friends wanted to become leaders of tomorrow—own a construction company per se. But my instinct was racing through my veins, as I turn every magazine that featured the finest business tycoons in the country, my heart pounded. I then knew I wanted to be like them. It was a field that I grew up with and it will be what I shall pursue. I had my degree in business administration.

The goal that made me pursue my dream was a manifestation of my confidence. The training that I have received inside the walls of the classroom and off to the real world brought out the entrepreneur in me. During my academic years, my mentors taught me how to manage a business entity—the aptitude in solving problems which are based on the comprehension of tools, concepts, and theories of functional business disciplines. Aside from that, it is through education that I acquired the capability to excel functional borders, fusing and integrating information to create multifaceted, short-term decisions with limited data.

Education has served me well in honing myself in becoming a capitalist of the 21st century. It was through commencing and conducting researches and divulge in competitive analysis that I was able to apply the strategies that I learnt. I realized that environmental scanning is necessary for long-term strategic decisions. To effectively harness and utilize the dawning of technology and employ such in the most deliberate manner was a mean of keeping one’s game alive. Competition is tight in the business arena. Each player must be prepared and must have forecasting methods to stay in the game.

My goal is to enrich my knowledge on these fields which I know are beneficial for my future career. Every individual have a set of goals. Mine only happens not only to be a goal but also a dream that I have long wished to hold a grasp of. I want to improve the knowledge and skills that I have acquired in my tertiary years. I humbly believe that there is more to learn. Given the fact that I am determined to run a company that will provide employment for the underprivileged, I know I need to be equipped with the capacity to balance finances and be armed with managerial skills.

In the light, I am optimistic that I will succeed. Every single lesson will help me in the future and possibly help others. I do not only wish to keep the knowledge that I have for myself but I also intend to share these with other aspirants—to help the next generation in raising the economy of the country. Globalization has expanded the face of business in the society. I consider every country an asset as new ordeals shall be discovered. Thus to be able to handle this massive weight of transactions I must learn the twists of every nation’s economy and become skilled at risk management.

I am preparing myself for the worst. As mentioned earlier, anything can happen. Although quite on the contrary, I envision myself breaking boundaries. My goal now is to defy the trend of risk-taking; that given the efficient strategies, a blooming entrepreneur will not fail. Individuals who still believe in the necessity of the discipline of business administration to address real world, value laden issues would gain a foothold and began the long climb back to a place in the sun.

As modularity becomes an established way of doing business, competition among fresh and old dogs in business will intensify. Nevertheless the society will look for the best-performing or lowest cost goods and services, spurring these increasingly sophisticated and independent suppliers into a race for innovation. The world is full of possibilities, they say. Therefore there is a spark of hope in the goals I have set. I may sound too idealistic in this sense but I am looking on the bright side. I will make my parents proud. I will reach my goals—no matter how tough the ride gets.

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