Writing an annotated bibliography is one academic assignment you will come across in college, university or graduate school in more times than one. It refers to a list of citations which are followed by a brief description and evaluation of the article, book, report or any other document you plan to use in your research project. The primary goal of writing an annotated bibliography is to inform the reader of the significance, accuracy, and quality of the sources.

Annotated bibliography writing

Depending on instructions given by your tutor, an annotated bibliography may be a summary, an evaluation, or the sources’ possible uses in the project. It can also be a combination of all three aspects. When deciding what information you are going to use in the paper, consider the instructions given.

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Tips for writing a great annotated bibliographyCitation and writing style

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Why Annotation of sources is important

Annotated bibliography plays a massive role in helping instructors understand whether the learners fully understand the topic they intend to focus on in their research. In most instances, annotation gives you an easy way to locate sources and evaluate their relevance to the research topic. Instructors also use annotated bibliography as a benchmark in assessing the authenticity of the information provided in a research paper. It is, therefore, essential to master how to writing an annotation especially in a bachelor’s, masters and Ph.D. level to increase the credibility of the research.

How to organize an annotated Bibliography

The annotation takes a particular approach where the source is thoroughly evaluated to determine its ability to contribute to the research topic. Organizing the synthesized content conventionally allows the instructor to assess the sources’ worth.

The annotation of a source takes the following approach:

  • Describe the content and focus of the book or article
  • Suggest the source’s usefulness to your research
  • Evaluate its method, conclusions, or reliability
  • Record your reactions to the source.


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